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The Top 10 historical recruits of All-Time

Sure we all are caught up with NOI Day on February 6, but let's take a moment back to look at the Top 10 recruits of all time in history.


It's signing day, and young men all over the nation will be looking to leave a legacy at their chosen schools. Here are some historical figures who changed the world game in their time.

1. Julius Cesar, Roman Republic - The ultimate playmaker: this guy was born into a patrician family and bred to lead teams. So great, they named the position after him for years to come.

Football likeness: Terry Baker, Quarterback for Oregon State who won the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell trophy and SI's Sportsman of the Year in 1962. He was also an All-American, Liberty Bowl's MVP and the NFL Draft's first pick in 1963. Only played in NFL for three years, and another in the CFL.

2. Alexander, Greece - A Macedonian who united Greece under one banner, Alexander conquered most of the known world. Need I say more?

Football likeness: Tim Tebow, he brought even non-Florida fans together (maybe not all of the SEC), winning a pair national titles and Heisman

3. Atilla, Hunnic Empire - Maybe the only notable name in the Hunnic Empire, Atilla and his men took down Strasburg, Worms, Mainz, Cologne, Trier, Metz, Reims and other cities.

Football likeness: Herschel Walker, stepped in from day one and was a beast at running back for Georgia.

4. Napoleon Bonaparte, France - Created the First French Empire with many other countries allying under him. Also created a civil code which created accessible laws which got rid of many feudal laws. How's that for developing a new playbook?

Football likeness: Any Alabama recruit over the past few years.

5.Che Guevara, Cuba/Bolivia - Never underestimate a jack of all trades. Also never underestimate a charismatic intellect. Transferred from Cuba to Bolivia when he felt he was better used. Described by Sartre as the "most complete human being of our age."

Football likeness: Quarterback Russell Wilson left North Carolina State to head to Wisconsin, and ended up going to the Rose Bowl.

6. Catherine, Russia - Russia did a good job recruiting Catherine in the ranks. She forced a coup d'état and from there modernized the motherland.

Football likeness: Urban Meyer at any head coaching spot. He turned around four programs: Ohio State, Utah, Florida and Bowling Green.

7. Mahatma Ghandi, India - Unified and led a nation to independence through means of peace. Small guy though, overlooked by many until his middle ages.

Football likeness: Tim Tebow could be here, but he has been taken. Let's go with the Mountain West Conference -- homer pick -- after about six years in the league's history no one was paying attention to the conference until then.

8. Winston Churchill, England - Known for his great awareness, Churchill led England through World War II. Poor public perception led him to lose his starting position as Prime Minister after the war until he won it back in 1951.

Football likeness: Major Applewhite, he was benched in favor of Phill Simms. Texas head coach Mack Brown benched the better quarterback in Applewhite in favor of the Simms mainly due to the last name.

9. Christopher Columbus, Spain - Was recruited originally by Portugal, but Spain showed to be the better promise. Managed to get himself imprisoned and therefore was kicked off the team under the "not playing well with others" rule.

Football likeness: The Pony Express which included SMU running back Eric Dickerson. Dickerson was recruited hard by Texas A&M who made the down payment on a Trans AM and showed his grandmother $50,000 in a briefcase. He ended up at SMU, and was involved in SMU receiving the Death Penalty from the NCAA.

10. Albert Einstein, U.S.A. - Heavily recruited by Germany, Einstein (as well as others) eventually chose the United States. Einstein was known as the brains of the bunch as he managed to stay competitive due to his relative-style dual-nature playbook. Even to this day, talking about his legacy is a blast.

Football likeness: Vince Young, the Texas quarterback had an astonishing career while leading his team over the allegedly best college football team in decades over USC in the 2006 BCS title game.