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2013 National signing day: Mountain West open thread

Stay tuned to our site here for all of the signing day news throughout the day.


National signing day is finally here, and while it is not the biggest event for the Mountain West it is still a big deal. Just over the past few weeks there have been players flipping schools, and last minute visits to make a decision. So, for the big day when fax machines probably get the most use out of any other day combined, we have you covered.

Throughout the day we will be updating Mountain West news on our StoryStream with various content, but first we will be posting links and information that comes across our staff in the comment thread. Also, fans of the league, or your Mountain West teams, feel free to discuss your class and last minute singings, or the unfortunate big school that swoops in and steal a recruit at the 11th hour.

Of course there is other content that provides great recruiting coverage. Each school is looking to do live video or has some sort of recruiting central page. Air Force is the only exception, since they do not release names of student athletes until they arrive on campus.

Also, here is a link to our Mountain West recruiting hub which has stories written about other Mountain West recruits from other websites.

So again, make sure to stop by for updates throughout the day, and participate in the conversation.

For the best recruiting news leading up to signing day: