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Power Rankings

Mountain West Basketball Power Rankings: February 13

We have a new top-5 this week!

Mountain West Basketball Power Rankings: February 6

A shake-up in the top-5!

Mountain West Basketball Power Rankings: January 23

We have the same top-4 for the second consecutive week!

Mountain West Basketball Power Rankings: January 16

A new team has re-taken the No. 1 crown!

Mountain West Basketball: Where is each team ranked after two weeks of MWC play?

Our first rankings two weeks into MW action!

Power Rankings: Final 2022 Rankings

The top two teams flip spots following the championship game.

Power Rankings: Week 13. 10 teams locked in, top two will face off one more time.

Most teams now have their final rankings.

Power Rankings: Week 12. Most of the rankings stay the same, but a few teams switch places. The picture becomes more clear.

Power Rankings: Week 11. Top teams remain at the top, the Spartans keep sliding, the bottom keeps losing.

Power Rankings: Week 9. Broncos reign supreme, Cowboys and Bulldogs rise, plus more.

Power Rankings: Week 8. Broncos in the top spot. Cowboys climb, what to make of the West?

Power Rankings: Week 7. Is anyone actually good? Which teams moved up and down this week?

Power Rankings: Week 6. A new number one, Broncos rising, many dropping, and movement at the bottom?

Power Rankings: Week 4. Rebels rise, Broncos sink, Rams and Warriors sunk.

Power Rankings: Week 2. Falcons alone at #1, who is at #3? Rebels rise, and more.

Power Rankings: Week 0. Rebels rise, Cowboys & Rainbow Warriors fall. Most teams stay the same.

Power Rankings: Preseason Edition

Ranking each team to start the season.

MWCConnection Basketball Power Rankings: New Team At The Top

We have a new team in first place in this week’s power rankings.

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Championship Weekend updates.

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 13. Final regular-season rankings. What did we learn?

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 12. All about winning. Who is winning, and who is not winning?

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 11. Aztecs back on top, Rebels move out of the bottom.

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 10. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Many teams moved around this week. Where are they?

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 9. A new #1 Team.

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 8. Teams move up, teams move down. #1 and #12 remain the same.

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 7. Contenders, Pretenders, Surrenders.

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 6. Some teams won, some lost, and the rankings have been shuffled.

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 5. Teams rise, teams fall, top and bottom spots remain the same.

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 4. A new #1 for the fourth time this young season.

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 3. Bulldogs, Aztecs, & Aggies rise up, Wolf Pack fall, Broncos plummet.

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 2. Bulldogs rise, Warriors fall. What to make of the Aggies & Cowboys?

MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 1

Nevada is the new top team. Bulldogs and Aggies rise, plus more.