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PODCAST: 2013 Fresno State football preview

Chris and Jeremy talk nonsense before bringing on Anthony, also known as ROFLCOPTER16, to discuss all things Fresno State.

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Our 2013 Mountain West preview series continues, and the latest episode we discuss Fresno State. We bring on our very own ROFLCOPTER16 helps us break down Fresno State.

The discussion stays mostly on the offensive side of the ball as we talk about who will run the ball and also how the offensive line will fare with their new additions. We touch on the Fresno State secondary, predictions and if they can beat Boise State.

Prior to getting to Fresno State talk, we discuss a few random college football and non-college football thoughts. So, once you ge past that bit the real meat of the show begins.

Not to give anything away, but we are all fairly high on how well Fresno State will perform for this upcoming season.

Here are your many ways to listen to the show: Obviously listen below, over at Sound Cloud, Stitcher Radio and also iTunes.