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PODCAST: Idaho, Las Vegas Bowl preview

The latest podcast has Jeremy and Chris previewing the Royal Purple Las Vegas and Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.


Jeremy and Chris bust out the guests for the start of bowl week as we have on Evan Budrovich of Conquest Chronicles to discuss USC vs. Fresno State and Tim Riordan of Bull Run to talk about Buffalo going up against San Diego State.

These two guests provide some great information about both teams, and in the Las Vegas Bowl we learn that USC is extremely thin at the offensive line position. That could be an area where Fresno State could take advantage against USC. We also discuss the head coaching situation at USC and how that may or may not effect USC. Also, USC, like most teams, probably do not have an answer for wide receiver Devante Adams.

In the other interview we discuss how Buffalo has been able to be a good defensive football team while being in the MAC which is known for putting up a ton of points each and every week. It all starts and ends with Khalil Mack who is just a stud on the defensive side of the ball, and can make others around him better players.

Tim expects this to be a close game since San Diego State who plays to the level of their competition, and as always he picks the exact same score every game for Buffalo to win (gotta listen to find out what that is).

Here are your many ways to listen to the show: Obviously listen below, over at Sound Cloud, Stitcher Radio and also iTunes.