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PODCAST: Week 5 Mountain West football preview

We are back at it as we break down the upcoming games in Week 5 of the Mountain West schedule.

Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

We are back for another rousing episode of our Mountain West Connection podcast, and we will be breaking down Week 5 of the football season. Plus, we get into a little bit of news as well, not much but some. Also, this episode is not going to be super long as it is about an hour, which is 20 minutes less than last show.

We try to once again figure out how good or bad San Diego State is. My assumption is that they play to the level of competition, and they have a solid running game. However, their rush defense is poor, and that is a way that Fresno State will be able to get past San Diego State.

We find some intrigue in Boise State vs. New Mexico. What we want to know is if Boise State's offense is just good against bad teams, and we also want to see what New Mexico's rush offense can do against a mediocre Boise State rush defense.

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