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PODCAST: Mountain West Week 4 Recap, We Know Nothing

We take a look back at Week 4 of Mountain West football.


I apologize up front for the podcast being so long, but some of the stuff was discussed on the podcast that never aired, so enjoy the 70 minute show. We discuss how the Big East wants Air Force and others, while saying teams will come crawling back with the amount of money they will bring in with their television deal.

Plus, we go way off topic complaining about reporting media injury polices, for whatever reason. Oh that is because we discuss how Fresno State will be traveling to take on USC in 2014.

We break down all the games and struggle to come up with a top-three. We agree that it is some combination of Boise State, Nevada and Fresno State. Tough call since all three teams have flaws. Boise State is lacking an offense, Nevada has a terrible secondary and Fresno State has the least amount of issues but their defense is a bit sketchy.

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