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PODCAST: Poinsettia Bowl recap, Mountain West TV, expansion news

The latest podcast discusses the Poinsettia Bowl as well as they news about the Mountain West renegotiating their television deal.

Kent Horner

Chris and I do a podcast recapping the Poinsettia Bowl which, was not the best outing for San Diego State who lost to BYU. The San Diego State offense was held in check and they could not find a way to slow down BYU linebacker Kyle Van Noy in the second half. Van Noy forced a fumble for a touchdown, and the icing on the game was the pick-six against Adam Dingwell.

We also discuss the news about how reports have come out with Boise State could return to the Mountain West, as well as the Mountain West renegotiating their television contract with CBS doing a make good for the Mtn. being shut down. We assume that with the Mountain West making more moves to be stable, that Boise State will remain in the Mountain West and not go to the Big East.

Listen to the show below, download here or over at iTunes: