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Josh Allen is the darling of 2018 NFL mock drafts

Yes, I’m being completely serious

NCAA Football: Poinsettia Bowl-Brigham Young vs Wyoming Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, basketball’s over so you know what that means? It’s football season baby!

Today is May 6th and we are currently a little shy of four months away from the first game of the season. But that’s not stopping us here to get a way-too-early look at the 2018 NFL Draft. The Content And Take Machine™ never stops.

I’m sure I’ve had a few of the same questions you’ve had hearing about all these mock drafts. Like, “the last draft just got over with, what the heck are we doing this for?” or “could Allen really be that good?”

The first answer could be a commentary on how the 24 hour news cycle has forced us to squeeze every last iota of analysis out of a sport season or something like that.

The second answer is... well, I seriously hope so. Josh Allen has been hyped up in ways I haven’t seen a player from the Mountain West, much less Wyoming, hyped up. At least since Derek Carr, but Carr was never really projected to come out of the bottom of the first round.

Nearly every major sports media outlet has been salivating over the 6’5 Firebaugh native. Check out this table.

Early 2018 NFL mock drafts

Publication Pick Team
Publication Pick Team
ESPN 2 San Francisco 49ers
Sporting News 6 Jacksonville Jaguars
SB Nation 3 New York Jets
USA TODAY 6 Jacksonville Jaguars
Fox Sports 6 Washington Redskins
Bleacher Report 2 San Francisco 49ers
CBS Sports 2 San Francisco 49ers
Fan Rag Sports 2 San Francisco 49ers
Sports Illustrated 6 Jacksonville Jaguars

Well would ya look at that.

Let’s take a journey together, trying to figure out as much as we can about Josh Allen and what the opinion is of him so you can say, “hey, I knew about him before he was drafted/famous/a Super Bowl winning quarterback or whatever.”

First off, Josh Allen is good. He’s probably the best quarterback in the conference (I can see an argument for Brett Rypien, but Rypien’s had more weapons around him than Allen has so ehhhh). But he’s a big, physical guy with a Howitzer attached to his right shoulder and no fear to tuck the ball and run.

Now, what are analysts saying about him?

About a week ago, Dave Southorn tweeted this:

That’s definitely high praise. It’s even from a guy who lives, eats, and breathes football.

In the mock draft above, Todd McShay says Allen is physically gifted, but needs to work on cutting down mistakes.

SB Nation’s mock draft says that Allen is considered the next Carson Wentz. A personnel director interviewed by CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora thinks that Allen is every bit the prospect Wentz was, “and probably better.”

Generally, people way smarter than me think that Allen is one of the most physically talented quarterbacks in the FBS who can make any throw he needs to. His rushing threat and mobility certainly aren’t a knock on him either.

Is Josh Allen worthy of the hype?

Everyone seems to be falling over Wyoming Cowboy Football QB Josh Allen as one of the best quarterbacks for the 2018 #NFLDraft.

Posted by Mountain West Connection on Saturday, May 13, 2017

Another thing that scouts love about Allen is the fact that he’s already playing in a pro-style offense under Craig Bohl. Most college teams have favored a spread offense (Oregon), while others (Washington State and Texas Tech) have found offensive success with the Air Raid.

Luckily for us, we’ve got a leg up on fans of football across the country when it comes to Allen. It looks like we’ll have at least twelve games this season to become as acquainted with the gunslinger who sits, quite literally, above everyone else.