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2017 Undrafted free agent tracker: Find out where Mountain West players land

The NFL Draft is over but teams are still signing players.

2006 NFL Draft Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The NFL Draft is over and the Mountain West had eight players selected, but now the real fun begins with free agent signings. At times it is better to be picked up after the draft than being selected in the final two rounds as a player can be picky on where they go.

This list will be updated as more players are announced.

Boise State

Chancellor James, DB, San Francisco 49ers/New Orleans Saints (tryouts)

Sam McCaskill, DE, Minnesota Vikings

Travis Averill, OL, Atlanta Falcons

Thomas Sperbeck, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jonathan Moxey, DB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mario Yakoo, OL, Oakland Raiders/Washington (tryout)

Colorado State

Kevin Davis, LB, Los Angels Rams

Fresno State

Tyquwan Glass, DB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (tryout)

Aaron Peck, WR, Green Bay Packers

New Mexico

Dakota Cox, LB, Minnesota Vikings

Daniel Henry, DB, Baltimore Ravens

Nias Martin, CB, Baltimore Ravens

San Diego State

Alex Barrett, DE, Detroit Lions

Calvin Munson, LB, New York Giants

Malik Smith, DB, Houston Texans

Kwayde Miller, OL Baltimore Ravens

San Jose State

Billy Freeman, TE, Detroit Lions

Christian Tago, LB, Atlanta Falcons

Shane Smith, FB, New York Giants

Tim Crawley, WR, Cleveland Browns


Jeremiah Voloaga, DL, Detroit Lions

Torry McTyer, DB, Miami Dolphins

Utah State

Marquan Ellison, DB, Seattle Seahawks

Daniel Gray, DB, Arizona Cardinals

Austin Stephens, OL, Carolina Panthers

Jake Simonich, OL, Houston Texans

Ricky Ali’ifua, DL, Kansas City Chiefs

Wyatt Houston, TE, Kansas City Chiefs


D.J. May, LB, Detroit Lions

Ethan Wood, P, Tennessee Titans (tryout)

Lucas Wacha, LB, Dallas Cowboys

Tanner Gentry, WR, Chicago Bears

Jacob Hollister, TE, New England Patriots


Jerrol Garcia-Williams, LB, Denver Broncos

Marcus Kemp, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

Leo Koloamatangi, OL, Detroit Lions

Rigoberto Sanchez, K, Indianapolis Colts