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2016 NFL Draft Profile: Hunter Sharp, WR, Utah State

Will Sunday-type athleticism help Hunter Sharp get drafted?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Hunter Sharp, wide receiver, Utah State Aggies

5'11", 198 pounds

Mocking the Draft position ranking: 39

Mocking the Draft overall ranking: 259

Strengths: Sharp is extremely explosive off the line of scrimmage and hits full stride almost immediately. He is seamless when he weaves his way through traffic both before and after he makes the catch and for a wide receiver he isn't afraid of contact.

He can be used in multiple formations as he was used from the slot and out of the backfield while at USU. Sharp has the ability to get cornerbacks leaning early with his stutter-and-go move. He is patient and allows the route to form so that he can maximize separation from the DB. He also returned punts and kicks during his time in Logan.

Weaknesses: Sharp isn't the biggest receiver in the draft and he tends to wait on throws too much. He doesn't always get arm extension and thus allows defenders to close on a throw quicker. A two-game suspension to start the 2015 season might not sit well for scouts as it could raise red flags.

His body type is more of a running back type than a stereotypical wide receiver. Because Sharp wasn't physically challenged by quality press coverage very often while at Utah St., he could struggle, as more NFL defenses are physical at the line of scrimmage.

This is what an NFC area scout had to say about Sharp. "I like him quite a bit as a player. He didn't get that two-game suspension for nothing so there is that. Hard to imagine anyone watching the tape of him not being immediately impressed. I wish he were a little bit taller, but I see him as a move receiver who can switch between outside and the slot depending on the matchups from game to game.

The bottom line: Sharp has the potential to be a very exciting player. But he also tends to take a play or two off which doesn't sit well with NFL scouts. Despite a lackluster effort at the NFL combine and a two-game suspension that concerns NFL scouts, Sharp has the talent to be a very productive backup who has the traits to become a starter at the next level.

Projected round: 6th, or 7th

NFL Comparison: Sidney Rice, formerly of the Seattle Seahawks and the Jaelen Strong, Houston Texans