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2016 NFL Draft: Nick Vigil, LB, Utah State

Nick Vigil looking to follow brother Zach to the NFL and continue the tradition of Linebacker U at Utah State.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Vigil, inside linebacker, Utah State Aggies

6'2", 239 pounds

Mocking the Draft position ranking: 4

Mocking the Draft overall ranking: 104

Strengths: Considering that he played running back in high school and at Utah State, Vigil has great athleticism and a feel for the game, especially against the run. He recorded 30 tackles for loss and 267 tackles over the last two seasons for the Aggies. He responds well to play direction and with great instincts he is able to win races over top of climbing linemen. He is an old-school tackler who is all about wrapping up and getting physical in the middle. He also has great toughness that allows him to be disciplined.

Weaknesses -€” With a slender frame, Vigil doesn't fit the stereotypical inside linebacker physique. When he is caught up in traffic, his size could become a problem. His great instincts might hide the fact that he isn't as athletic as he may seem. He struggles with quick twitch and change of direction ability and has lost a couple of races to the perimeter where he had an angle.

The bottom line: Vigil has instincts to play the position as well as the desire. He will have to add weight to address his slender frame and lack of play strength. If he can bulk up he could find himself on an NFL roster. He may even be moved to outside linebacker in a 4-3 defense just to use those instincts more.

Projected round: 3rd to 6th

NFL Comparison: Chris Borland, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers