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Fox Sports 1 reaches deal with DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner Cable

Fox Sports 1 will indeed be in approximately 40 million more households on launch date as an agreement has been reached between DirecTV, Dish Network and Time Warner Cable.

Utah State and Boise State fans can fret no more as Fox Sports 1 has reached a deal with DirecTV, Dish Network and Time Warner Cable to carry the channel on the Aug. 17 launch date. There have been reports over the past month that these three giant providers would not have the channel.

Now the Thursday Aug. 29 game featuring Utah State at Utah and the Saturday Aug. 31 game where Boise State travels to Washington can now be seen by pretty much everyone who has cable or satellite.

The deal was stalled over, what else, money to carry the channel. Fox Sports 1 is taking over Speed Channel and will air live major sports such as college football, MLB, college basketball, UFC and some soccer, plus various studio shows.

The cost that Fox Sports 1 was looking for was 80 cents per subscriber at the start, and then a gradual increase to $1.50 per subscriber. By adding these three providers Fox Sports 1 will add approximately 40 million more subscribers on launch date.

Also, in the deal is the launch of Fox Sports 2 which the exact programming is not really known yet outside or repeats of Fox Sports 1. The second Fox channel is taking over where Fuel TV was on the dial.

In typical fashion this deal went close to the launch date, but now the eyes turn to DirecTV's stand off against the Pac-12 Network. There a few Mountain West games that are affecting fans on that front.

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