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2017 March Madness: Join our Yahoo bracket pool

How far will Nevada go, who is your upset pick and who will win it all?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The bracket is out!

Now the hard part is filling out your bracket and why not have some fun filling it out and challenge our writer and readers from the site. This year our bracket challenge is over at Yahoo.

Get at it and make your picks. Have your dog, kid, pet, choose your favorite color, mascot or whatever method you want to pick what team will win.

Of course we encourage stupid upset picks along the way, so let us know what those might be in this field.

Brackets are fun and you can make a stupid upset bracket to try to beat the field with those crazy upsets. Regardless, have some fun and see who can come out on top of your Yahoo bracket pool.

Here is the complete bracket and make sure to stay up to date with out NCAA Tournament coverage.