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NCAA Bracket Projections for Mountain West Teams

Can the Mountain West somehow get three teams for the NCAA tournament.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

(These projections do not include Wednesday's results).

Every time we turn on ESPN lately we see Joe Lunardi’s bracket predictions pop up along with analysts breaking down the Big 12 and the ACC. Every March however the field of 68 always sees that dark horse that makes a little run. I believe that said dark horse could be right out of this Mountain West.

Teams like SDSU and Boise State are teams that if they do make the field of 68, nobody's going to want to play. Let’s take a look at what Mountain West teams average out as tournament teams right now. UNLV is back in the running after their big home win over Boise State on Wednesday night.

San Diego State:

As of right now still a lone Mountain West team in the bracket projections at, the SDSU Aztecs. They’re currently coming in averaging out as a 12 seed with their highest seeding coming in at 10.  The Aztec’s undefeated conference record along with a 15-6 overall record has them as the heavy Mountain West favorite right now.  They put that undefeated conference record on the line however when they travel to UNLV this Saturday. Quality wins include: California, Boise State, Fresno State.

Boise State:

The Broncos are still very much in the hunt for a tournament berth as they currently average out as an 11 seed with the brackets that include them.  They are left off numerous brackets however so they are listed under the "First Four Out" category, which at this time of the year is just fine as they are right with teams like Syracuse, Clemson, and LSU.  Quality wins include: UC Irvine, Oregon, Fresno State, Colorado State.


UNLV is probably the most dangerous team in the Mountain West because they can honestly beat anybody.  After an incredibly shaky start to conference play, they seemed to have finally figured it out.  They’ve won four of their last five games including an impressive win against Boise State.  In the few brackets that include UNLV, they currently average out as a 14 seed.  Quality Wins include: Indiana, Oregon, Boise State.