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PODCAST: How can the Mountain West make streaming games work

Streaming sports is a tricky thing for the Mountain West.

Jeremy and Matt discuss future TV options within the Mountain West and specifically how streaming games could work. We discuss the league having its own network and be accessed for a small monthly fee of say $10 per month, hooking up with Amazon Prime which really wants to broadcast live sports, Twitter, Hulu or Netflix.

Streaming games has a lot of issues and for the Mountain West there are two big one’s in access to the games and also can the league make enough money to make it worth the fairly drastic change.

One reason there is talk of adjusting the TV package is to avoid the 10 p.m. ET and later kick offs and tip offs in football and basketball. By streaming and controlling more of the rights to games that would not be an issue.

There are plenty of ideas on the topic, and to be honest this show could be triple the length (no one wants that) to discuss ideas.

Oh... we start the show talking food.

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