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Week 4 Mountain West football snap judgements

Oh boy this week was a complete mess for the conference.

Time to overreact to Week 4 of Mountain West football, but these overreactions might be actually level headed.


The two represents the number of wins the Mountain West had this week and one of those was guaranteed as Utah State and Air Force played in a conference game which the Falcons won.

I was going to be creative but like the Mountain West why but why should I work hard and be clever with something funny, so lets go with the obvious visual of Week 4.

This can even loosely be applied to Boise State who had a dominant first half against Oregon State but let them get back within striking distance from a Beaver team that might no make a bowl game.

The Mountain West had opportunity after opportunity this weekend for a bunch of wins and even get wins against Power Five teams, but the league came up short outside of Boise State.

Wyoming had a pair of pick sixes and loss to Eastern Michigan, Fresno State led by 31 points over Tulsa but lost in overtime, UNLV fell in overtime to Idaho and Nevada gave up a 14-3 lead to Purdue and missed a 27-yard field goal to tie this one in the fourth quarter.

Three with zero, nine with two

Piling on to the prior blurb with the stat of how this league seems to be extremely top heavy. Too be fair, Utah State is much closer to the top of the league than most of those who have two loses.


You would think that DeRuyter who was a former defensive coordinator for Texas A&M which is known for its "Wreckin’ Crew" defense and helping Air Force have some of its best defenses ever could at least shoe string something decent in the Valley.

Best quote

This one comes from an actual fan at the Fresno State loss."Thirty-one. Thirty-one, DeRuyter."

This one deserve honorable mention for the honesty.

Plays of the week

Boise State pulls out a classic.

And this as well.

This was not a scoring play but it was great.


Wyoming had a chance to tie their game late in the fourth quarter but the 22-yard attempt was blocked.

A similar scenario happened when Nevada was trying to score its first points of the second half and tie their game against Purdue in the fourth quarter. However, the 27-yard attempt by Brent Zuzo was no good, and the Boilermakers scored a touchdown on the ensuing possession to put the game away.

Best tweet(s)