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Campus Insiders predicts Mountain West title game

The early predictions are rolling out and Campus Insiders goes with chalk.

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With summer now in full swing that means that college football is getting closer to August camps but it also means that early previews are coming our. We currently are previewing all of the teams on our podcast each week. Campus Insiders is going through their predictions as well and they go with the favorites.

Their conference title game prediction is more than likely going to mirror what nearly every publication will have with San Diego State and Boise State in the title game. For those under a rock these two teams will not face each other in the regular season this year, and outside of being the favorite to meet this is also a potential matchup between a pair of teams that have a realistic shot of being in a big money bowl game.

This preview also goes over the rest of the league a little bit as well, but the conference itself is pretty well defined -- at least with these preseason expectations -- with the Broncos and Aztecs being the clear leaders.