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2016 Mountain West football championship game: A definitive rooting guide

Who should you root for in the Mountain West title game?

NCAA Football: Wyoming at UNLV Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Reo’s Real and Totally-Not-Fake MailbagTM (trademark pending). This week, we’ll cover your questions and comments regarding the championship game.

Let’s get into it.

What happened to Wyoming last week?

Unfortunately for Coach Bohl and the rest of the team, they crossed into an alternate dimension where New Mexico’s entire team is built like the Monstars from Space Jam.

What should we expect from this game?

Expect a ton of running plays. And not just because both teams have stud running backs.

The high temperature in Laramie on Saturday is supposed to be 27°. One could expect it to be a lot colder once game time rolls around.

Sub-freezing temperatures are not beneficial for quarterbacks and wide receivers. I’m not saying that the game will exclusively feature running plays, I’m saying that there’s a pretty solid chance that there will be more than normal.

How is Wyoming going to rebound after last week?

We asked this same question after Wyoming allowed 479 yards to Nevada right before the Boise State game. We asked this after they allowed 600+ yards and a pretty nice amount of points to UNLV right before the last SDSU game. Wyoming has set a precedent for rebounding after poor performances on the road.

I’m a (insert non-champion Mountain West team here) fan. Who should I root for?


I’m not saying that because I’m biased. Okay, maybe I am. I’m saying this because Wyoming is the clear underdog.

SDSU features three (!) Mountain West Players of the Year and seven players on All-MW First Team. SDSU is also the reigning Mountain West Champion.

Wyoming, on the other hand, has four first-teamers. They have also not competed in a championship game since 1996 and hasn’t won one since 1993, back in the days of the WAC. That’s before a solid majority of the UW players were born!

America loves an underdog, and Wyoming is the underdog for you.

I’m a Western Michigan/Navy/etc. fan. Who should I root for?

Again, Wyoming.

Not only because of the reasons I just said, but for chaos.

SDSU is your team’s biggest threat (at least in this matchup) for a New Year’s Six Bow, even though the Aztecs are a long shot. Hear me out, let’s say that WMU, Navy, Houston, and USF all lose. If San Diego State wins, they could be awarded the NY6 bowl.

If Wyoming wins, all hell breaks loose. Does Wyoming get it? Do one of the teams that lost get it? Does it go to some other team? Chaos will reign and it will be the most fun we’ve had all season.

Now, unlike previous mailbags, I’m not going to make a prediction for who wins the game. I’m convinced the Cowboys read this and say, “Hey, let’s do everything in our power to prove him wrong.”

So here’s what I think will happen: if San Diego wins, it will be in a blowout. If Wyoming wins, it’ll be by less than a touchdown.

See you next time for the Super Amazing Bowl Week Mailbag.