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San Jose State vs. Boise State: Broncos pull out a 45-31 victory

Jeremy McNichols and Alex Mattison lead No. 24 Boise State past San Jose State

NCAA Football: San Jose State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The fall weather was pleasant in Boise on a Friday evening. The crowd had an attendance of 31,863 that was loud and boisterous in support of their Broncos. On the television, you could see a smattering of Spartans fans in the background. There were a number of highlights that made this an exciting game and some standout players.

Highlights of the Game

1-2 Punch of Jeremy McNichols and Alex Mattison

McNichols was running like a true Bronco playing smash-mouth football, earning every yard. He ran the rock 28 times for 158 yards with two touchdowns. Not to be outdone, Mattison had 18 carries for 100 yards with a touchdown. Both runners looked solid and made good choices on hitting their running lanes.

Scrambling Kenny Potter

I’m not sure how the Broncos only got one sack the entire game with the amount of times they had defenders in the Spartan backfield. Potter, at times, appeared to have eyes on the back of his head to escape tackles for losses. He was able to throw for 278 yards with two touchdowns and an interception, that was converted into a touchdown for the Broncos to start the 1st quarter.

Trick Play by Punter Sean Wale

At the end of the 1st Quarter with the score 14-6 Broncos, the Broncos were on their 37-yard line with a 4th and 12. The Broncos lined up for a punt. The ball was hiked and the Spartans ran back into coverage, leaving a huge gap right up the middle, like a parting of the Red Sea. Whether planned or not, Wale scampered for 29 yards for the 1st down. It was a bold move that paid off with a touchdown to lead off the 2nd Quarter.

Bone-headed Mistakes Made by the Spartan Coaches

Now I understand there can be breakdown in communication that can lead to having 12-men on the field. But then few minutes more into the game, blowing a timeout because there are 13-men on the field! Not good. The icing on the cake, it was the Broncos’ 3rd and 6 and Spartan Coach Ron Caragher calls a timeout. He proceeds to get into an argument with the referees and receives an Unsportsmanlike Conduct for 13 yard penalty and giving the Broncos the 1st Down. Coaches should not be costing yardage for their defense.

Honorable Mentions

Brett Rypien, QB Boise State: 16-21 for 219 yards with three touchdowns with a QBR 90.2.

Malik Roberson, RB San Jose State: 12 carries for 109 yards and a touchdown, including a 60 yard touchdown run.

Cedrick Wilson, WR Boise State: 6 receptions for 102 yards and two touchdowns.

Justin Holmes, WR San Jose State: 6 receptions for 106 yards and a touchdown.

Ben Weaver, LB Boise State: Led with 15 tackles with 7 solo tackles.

Isaiah Irving, DE San Jose State: 6 tackles with one tackle for loss and a sack.

Final Recap

Overall, a great effort by the Spartans who were eventually outplayed by the talented Broncos. A game where the Spartans never gave up. Final Score: 45-31 Broncos.