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Wyoming looks to keep rolling against Utah State

Wyoming needs to keep its momentum. What can it do against USU?

NCAA Football: Boise State at Wyoming
Rico Gafford (5) celebrates the game-winning safety against Boise State
Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Wyoming is coming off a big win against Boise State and is in the driver’s seat to play San Diego State in the MWC Championship. They looked extremely good in that game in certain areas, and not so great in others (cough pass defense cough).

Coach Bohl and company are going to look to punch Utah State in the mouth, but what do they need to do to win?


Rushing the ball is clearly the Cowboys’ strong suit, seeing as Brian Hill has the third most rushing yards in the nation. Utah State got eviscerated last week in a game where San Diego threw the ball a total of ten times, four of which were completions.

Hill and Josh Allen are both skilled at running in their position. Allen has the third most rushing yards of any quarterback in the Mountain West (right above the Aggies’ Kent Meyers, conveniently).

These two will definitely play major parts in the game, but Hill will be the lynchpin to the Cowboys’ success.


The passing defense. Oh, the passing defense. Nearly every quarterback that has stepped up against Wyoming played one of his best games against the Cowboys, most notably Nebraska’s Tommy Armstrong, who threw for 125 more yards than in any other game he’s played this year.

The Cowboys are currently the fifth-worst team in the nation in terms of passing yards allowed per game, giving up just over 300 yards per game. Utah State sits at 89th in passing offense, throwing for 209 yards per game.


“Yeah, duh,” you’re probably saying right now. I get it. This is probably a little obvious.

However, Wyoming is tied for 17th in the country in turnovers gained (other teams tied for 17th include Clemson, Florida State, and Louisville) with 17. They also own a +5 turnover margin, good enough for 24th in the country.

Utah State, on the other hand, ranks 124th in turnovers gained with six, and has been surprisingly stingy with the football, only turning it over eight times.

Getting turnovers have been the key for Wyoming this season. UW averages two turnovers gained per win. In short, force Utah State to give up the ball


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: last week’s game was nuts. The fans were into it, but more importantly, the student section was nuts. They were deafening nearly every Bronco drive, and it clearly had an effect. If the team can get the War shaking, they’ll wrap this game up in a neat little bow.

Pokes by seven.