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Wyoming vs. New Mexico: Will the Cowboys have a hangover after winning division?

Because of course this is happening in 2016

NCAA Football: San Diego State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

This is not a drill.

The Wyoming Cowboys are going to the Mountain West Championship game.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. There’s still a game to be played and you can bet New Mexico’s looking to end the Cowboys season on a sour note.

I went back and checked my mailbag and noticed a few questions, comments, and concerns about this weeks game. You didn’t ask for the mailbag to come back, but you’re getting it anyway.

I’m a Laramie resident and I don’t know much about UNM. Help?

Sure thing.

New Mexico’s currently 7-4 (6-2) on the season. They held a five-game win streak sandwiched between a loss to Boise State and Colorado State. Their other two losses are agai-

You can’t be serious.

New Mexico lost to New Mexico State? The team so bad not even the Sun Belt wants them? And Rutgers?! Are you serious??

Somehow, New Mexico managed to come back from those ego-destroying losses and cobbled together a winning record, not to mention the revolving door at quarterback. But we all know how well third-stringers can do against UW’s secondary.

So then who’s going to be their starting quarterback?


Most likely, it’ll be between Austin Apodaca and Lamar Jordan, who sounds like the discount version of Lamar Jackson.

What should we expect this game?

Running backs. Lots and lots of running backs.

Last week against CSU, New Mexico rushed the ball 48 times. With the bulk of those going to Tyrone Owens and Teriyon Gipson

Meanwhile, our tandem of Apodaca and Jordan threw the ball a measly 16 times for six completions.

If the CSU game is any indication, UNM will most likely run the ball a lot.

On the other side of the ball, the Lobos were torn to shreds by CSU’s trio of Marvin Kinsey, Izzy Matthews, and Dalyn Dawkins. All three players rushed for 100-plus yards.

Brian Hill and Josh Allen are going to be nightmares for this Lobos team.

Which Cowboys team is going to show up this week?

It’s a toss-up honestly.

Team A has beaten Air Force, Boise State, and San Diego State by an average score of 33-29.

Team B allowed 600 yards of total offense to UNLV and turned the ball over five times in six drives against Nebraska.

I hope it’s Team A. Team A is much more fun to watch. Team A makes you feel good inside and then call your parents after the game because you remember you haven’t told them you loved them in a while.

Team B is hellbent on killing me. Team B wakes up every morning with my face on a dartboard. Team B eats their cereal with orange juice because “it saves dishes” even though it’s absolutely disgusting. You know it. They know it. It’s just a power move.

No matter what happens this week, this team has stolen my heart. They had absolutely no right being this good and beating the teams they have. A seven or eight win turnaround is impressive at any level.

Pokes by 10.

See you next week for the Super Amazing Championship Edition Mailbag ™.