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2016 Mountain West title game: Wyoming vs. San Diego State

San Diego State and Wyoming will face off again.

NCAA Football: San Diego State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West title game is set as Air Force upset Boise State, and that loss by the Broncos propelled Wyoming to the top of the Mountain Division and regardless of the result on Saturday afternoon against New Mexico.

This will be Wyoming’s first division title since they won the Pacific Division back in 1996, but ultimately lost to BYU in the WAC championship game.

San Diego State clinched the division as few weeks ago which means we get a rematch between a great game between the Cowboys and Aztecs which saw Wyoming stop San Diego State’s two-point conversion attempt to win the game.

The location of this title game is not yet determined as neither team is ranked in the most recent College Football Playoff rankings meaning the division host will be determined by computer rankings with the host being announced on Sunday morning.

Location: TBD

Date/Time: Saturday, Dec. 3, 7:45 p.m. ET


Streaming: WatchESPN

Here is the information to determine who will host:

1. Team with better composite ranking among selected computer rankings

2. Head-to-head record

3. Record versus common conference opponents

4. Winning percentage against the next-highest placed common conference opponent and proceeding through the conference, with placing based on:

a. Placement within the division

b. Overall conference record

c. Composite of selected computer rankings

5. Coin toss

It is not getting past the first measure and it seems odd that head-to-head is not used ahead of computer rankings if neither team is ranked in the most recent College Football Playoff.

As for what computer rankings are used, that is not publicized but it is at least some of from the old BCS system. Both Wyoming and San Diego State need to win if they want to have a chance at hosting the conference title game.