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Golden screwdriver to be awarded for the winner between Fresno State, Hawaii game?

Are we sure that Nick Rolovich is not just pranking us all?


Everyone loves Hawaii head football coach Nick Rolovich not only because his Twitter game is on fire, but also because he has the Warriors on the right path in his first year as the Warriors head coach.

His latest idea is for a trophy between Fresno State and Hawaii and it is a golden screwdriver jammed into some fake grass.

Apparently this trophy* (I guess we will call it that going forward) was actually first created in Fresno.

The trophy was the result of a contest held several years ago by ESPN radio 940 in Fresno in which the station asked listeners to design something to symbolize the rivalry between the two schools.

It is in recognition of an alleged incident from the teams’ 2002 game in Fresno. In the aftermath of UH’s 31-21 victory, Hawaii’s first in Bulldog Stadium, head coach June Jones claimed several objects were thrown at the UH sideline, including a screwdriver where he was standing.

Fresno State issued an apology at the time saying, “we believe that a screwdriver was thrown by one of our fans at the University of Hawaii team bench.”

So, sort of an inside joke, sure.

Apparently, ESPN 940 has shown off the trophy* at tailgates prior to games against Hawaii.

Rolovich said if the trophy were to be awarded, “It would be fun. That legend will grow and, pretty soon, it’ll be a mechanic jumped out from behind the goal post and was throwing screwdrivers at June like a ninja.”

Since there is some sort of recognition from both sides one can not say that this trophy is being forced upon like the Civil Conflict which is an alleged rival with a trophy involved between Central Florida and Connecticut, which the Huskies surprised everyone, even the Black Knights.

Maybe, this golden screwdriver is the second-worst trophy game in the college football.

This year, Fresno State might accept being second-worst in anything since they are currently last in the West Division.