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Deregulating of Mountain West championship game a 'non-starter'

The Mountain West will not change its title game criteria, and will stick with division champions meeting.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West is holding its spring meetings in Phoenix this week and the first big piece of news was if the conference would pit its two best teams in the title game regardless of division. That idea barely got off the ground when it was brought up in the meetings.

"It was an absolute non-starter," commissioner Craig Thompson said at the end of the meetings. "We're going to play divisions."

The idea behind having the two best teams play in the conference title game was to help boost strength of schedule and give the league a better chance of earning the Group of Five automatic bid to a New Year's Day bowl game.

There was concern among coaches who did not want to see a rematch for the title game, and also that for the division winners have earned something in their division and get the opportunity to play for the conference title.

The first year of the Mountain West having a conference title game was not a rematch between Fresno State and Utah State, but this past season's title game did see a regular season rematch between Boise State and Fresno State.

Rematches will happen and the power of balance will be cyclical between the Mountain and West divisions, so the knee-jerk reaction was just that in trying to fix something that is just two years old.