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2015 NFL Draft: Garrett Grayson could surprise on draft day

One unnamed NFL executive see's the Colorado State quarterback as the best in the draft.

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Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

It only takes one team to really like a player to vault them up into the first round of the NFL Draft. NFL teams are always in the need of a quarterback and will reach to grab a signal-caller just to get one of the best in the current draft class. The 2015 draft at quarterback is very weak and has long been considered a two-player elite class with Jameis Winston and Marcus Marriota.

Colorado State's Garrett Grayson has been lumped in the next group and is considered the third to fifth-best, but closer to the third spot. However, of late his name seems to be getting more interest. The Denver Broncos John Elway has called Grayson the most NFL ready quarterback. That is very different from calling the best quarterback of the class, but still high praise.

Then there was an unnamed NFL personnel executive who see's Grayson as possibly the top quarterback in this 2015 class.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Grayson was better than all of them," said the executive, who spoke with USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity for competitive reasons.

"I just think he's got the intangibles. He's got a good presence about himself in the pocket. He's got the physical traits. His arm's strong enough, and I think he's got the right temperament."

While hearing unnamed player personnel making these comments a bit less credible, but this executive is not alone in liking Grayson.

Others who see Grayson as the third quarterback in this class are ESPN analyst Jon Gruden and former Chicago Bears college scouting director Greg Gabriel.

"His supporting cast has been less, yet he's done just as well, if not better," said Gabriel, who now writes for National Football Post. "He's a smart kid. I think he can take coaching. It wouldn't shock me if two to three years down the road, he ends up being the best quarterback in this class."

While there is praise there is always the other side of the coin. That same executive who wishes to not reveal their name has Grayson rated as the fourth quarterback on their team's draft board with a mid-round pick as Grayson's positioning.

A mid-round pick is where most see Grayson landing and part of the reason for the increasing praise on Grayson is that he is not being scrutinized for his decision-making skills that is currently plaguing Winston and Mariota comes from Oregon's spread attack that is used very sparingly at the NFL level. Grayson played in Colorado State's pro-style attack which is most similar to a NFL offense, so the learning curve is not as high for him.

It takes just one team to fall in love for Grayson to surprise everyone during the draft and be taken with a high selection.