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Fresno State vs. San Diego State final score: Bulldogs Suffer Ugly Loss to Aztecs

The Bulldogs continued their tailspin with ugly 89 yards performance against the Aztecs

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The return of Zack Greenlee, after serving a one game suspension, was supposed to invigorate an inept Fresno State Bulldog offense that gained a mere 247 yards in last week's 49-23 loss to San Jose State. It didn't. With 10:12 to go in the 4th quarter the Bulldogs had a total of 1 yard rushing for the game. Yes, you read that correctly. 1 yard rushing.

This is what the Bulldogs did on first down throughout the game...

4 yards. 2nd and 6.

1 yard. 2nd and 9.

-1 yard. 2nd and 11.

1 yard. 2nd and 9.

3 yards. 2nd and 7.

-2 yards. 2nd and 12.

-12 yards. 2nd and 22.

-3 yards. 2nd and 13.

-4 yards. 2nd and 14.

2 yards. 2nd and 8.

-10 yards. 2nd and 20.

3 yards. 2nd and 7.

0 yards. 2nd and 10.

The offense is still inept, completely inept. They look like a high school team, bone head penalties, dropped passes, missed blocks and an inability to execute any play. Whether it's the play calling or the inability to execute the play, Fresno State has major problems on offense. With 4:50 to go in the 4th quarter the Bulldogs had made six first downs and gained a total of 89 yards on offense. Down 21-7, the Bulldogs received the ball from San Diego State and promptly went three and out by gaining exactly zero yards on their final offensive drive. It was a fitting ending to a night that that will go down in Fresno State history as one of their worst offensive performances ever and that's not even because the Bulldogs only gained 89 yards. It's because it happened again San Diego State, who coming into the game had given up...

485 yards to Cal.

511 yards to South Alabama.

400 yards to Penn State.

Good bye oil can. Hello empty tank.

Oh and the defense gave up over 400 yards for the third time this season, two of which were to Mountain West Conference opponents. It would be nice to attempt to share some hope or promise or silver lining for the Red Wave, but there is none. This is the worst Fresno State has looked in the Tim DeRuyter era and it doesn't look like it's going to improve any time soon. Not exactly a great way to lead into next week's Homecoming showdown against a Utah State team coming off a 33-18 victory vs. Colorado State.