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Week 8 Mountain West bowl projections: Oregon, Temple, Nebraska could be bowl opponents

Take a look at the latest Mountain West bowl projections which could see games against Cal, Nebraska, Temple, Oregon and others.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We saw a lot of shake up in this past week of Mountain West play, but we also learned a lot about the overall state of the conference.  None more surprising however is how bad Utah State lost to San Diego State, one week removed of upsetting Boise State.  San Jose State also became just two wins away from bowl eligibility with a good win over now 4-4 New Mexico.  Also, Air Force and Boise State bother got back into the swing of things by both grabbing hoe victories on Saturday.  So without further ado, let's take a look at our bowl projection from ESPN, CBS, and SB Nation.

Boise State:

New Mexico Bowl vs Rice in Albuquerque, New Mexico. CBS Sports

Las Vegas Bowl vs Washington State in Las Vegas, Nevada. SB Nation

Las Vegas Bowl vs California in Las Vegas, Nevada. ESPN

Hawaii Bowl vs Temple in Honolulu, Hawaii. ESPN

They're chances of making a New Year's Bowl are 99 percent done, but a lot of competitive teams are still out there for the Broncos to play. Temple is looking like a great opponent out in Hawaii.

San Diego State:

Arizona Bowl vs Louisiana Tech in Tuscon, Arizona. CBS Sports

Poinsettia Bowl vs Kansas State in San Diego, California. SB Nation

Poinsettia Bowl vs Northern Illinois in San Diego, California. ESPN

Poinsettia Bowl vs Arizona State in San Diego, California. ESPN

Most likely the Aztecs are going to play in the Poinsettia Bowl, however they want to play a Power Five team. Kansas State or ASU would be greatly appreciated.

Utah State:

Poinsettia Bowl vs Ohio in San Diego, California. CBS Sports

Arizona Bowl vs Rice in Tuscon, Arizona. SB Nation

Potato Bowl vs Central Michigan in Boise, Idaho. ESPN

Potato Bowl vs Western Michigan in Boise, Idaho. ESPN

This team is pretty confusing right now. Out of all these teams, they would want Central Michigan the most. A solid MAC team that has given some Power Five teams a lot of trouble this year.

Colorado State:

Hawaii Bowl vs East Carolina in Honolulu, Hawaii. CBS Sports

Potato Bowl vs Bowling Green in Boise Idaho. SB Nation

New Mexico Bowl vs Rice in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ESPN

The Rams just want to get in a bowl game, and they need to keep playing the same football they played against Air Force. They do that, I can see 6-6.

San Jose State:

Hawaii Bowl vs BYU in Honolulu, Hawaii. SB Nation

Arizona Bowl vs Arizona is Tucson, Arizona. ESPN

SJSU is that team that I believe will make a bowl game and win.  This is a very dangerous team that could beat teams, like BYU and Arizona.


Arizona Bowl vs Middle Tennessee State in Tucson, Arizona. ESPN

Only one projection as of now, and rightfully so. They end with San Jose State, Utah State, and SDSU.  All games are very losable games for the Wolfpack.

New Mexico:

New Mexico Bowl vs Rice in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ESPN

They are 4-4, but have a very tough remaining four games.  I don't think they can get to six wins needed to go to the post season, but it is possible only because they have their last two games vs Air Force and CSU at home.

Air Force:

Armed Forces Bowl vs MInnesota in Fort Worth, Texas. CBS Sports

Armed Forces Bowl vs Oregon in Fort Worth, Texas. SB Nation

Armed Forces Bowl vs Oregon in Fort Worth, Texas. ESPN

Armed Forces Bowl vs Nebraska in Fort Worth, Texas. ESPN

They're going to play in the Armed Forces Bowl, but who are they going to play?  Oregon honestly isn't that attractive in their on field play but would draw the most viewers nationally due to its name.