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Week 4 Mountain West power poll: Air Force snags a first-place vote

A new set of power rankings see's a lot of teams shuffling around.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The latest Mountain West power poll saw a lot of teams moving places, and some movement is odd. Lets start at the top, Boise State is still at the top but Air Force landed a first place vote even after the Broncos easily defeated Virginia while Air Force was off.

Utah State and Colorado State were both off yet the two swapped spots but with these two teams playing in Week 5 there be a clear cut order between those two teams.

There was some course correcting as well this week with Hawaii dropping from fifth to eight after they lost 28-0 to Wisconsin, and San Jose State took their spot as the highest rated Western division team moving up two spots to the fifth spot.

Fresno State also tumbled after its loss to San Jose State and in the final spot is Wyoming, and it is likely that the Cowboys will be in the basement for a long time.

1. Boise State (13) LW: 1 Mountain
2. Air Force (1)  LW:2 Mountain
3. Colorado State LW: 4 Mountain
4. Utah State LW: 3 Mountain
5. San Jose State LW: 7 West
6. Nevada LW: 6 West
7. New Mexico LW: 9 Mountain
8. Hawaii LW: 5 West
9. San Diego State LW: 10 West
10. UNLV LW: 11 West
11. Fresno State LW: 8 West
12. Wyoming LW: 12 Mountain