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Hawaii Warriors 2014 Depth Chart

Here is the two-deep look you'll see from the Warriors as they head into Mountain West media days.

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Hawaii heads into Mountain West media days and likely will be pegged to finish at the bottom of the Mountain West due to many issues they had last season. Most teams heading into Las Vegas on Tuesday and Wednesday release their initial depth chart.

The position that has the most questions is who the starting quarterback will be and head coach Norm Chow has Ikaika Woosley listed as his starting signal caller with Taylor Graham as his back. However, that order could change after fall camp.


Position No. 1st string No. 2nd string
Quarterback 11 Ikaika Woolsey (So.) 8 Taylor Graham (Sr.)
Running Back 7 Joey Ioesefa (Sr.) 4 Steven Lakalaka (So.)
X Receiver 14 Marcus Kemp (So.) 81 Vasquez Haynes (Jr.)
Y Receiver 87 Harold Moleni (Jr.) 85 Jordan Pu'u-Robinson (Sr.)
Z Receiver 89 Keith Kirkwood (So.) 80 Ammon Barker (Fr.)
F Receiver 29 Scott Harding (Sr.) 5 Quinton Pendroza (Jr.)
Right Tackle 51 John Wa'a (Fr.) 74 RJ Hollis (So.)
Right Guard 76 David Lefotu (Sr.) 75 Kory Rasmussen (So.)
Center 54 Kody Afusia (Sr.) 69 Brenden Urban (Jr.)
Left Guard 56 Elijah Tupai (Fr.) 68 Sean Shigematsu (Sr.)
Left Tackle 71 Ben Clarke (Jr.) 70 Frank Loyd Jr. (Sr.)


Position No. 1st string No. 2nd string
Defensive End 92 Beau Yap (Sr.) 93 Luke Shawley (Jr.)
Nose Tackle 91 Moses Samia (Sr.) 53 Marcus Malepeai (Sr.)
Defensive End 90 Kennedy Tulimasealii (So.) 98 Niko Uti (Sr.)
Outside Linebacker 16 Jeremy Castro (So.) 17 Lance Williams (Jr.)
Outside Linebacker 3 TJ Tamituia (Sr.) 96 David Manoa (Fr.)
Inside Linebacker 52 Tevita Lataimua (Sr.) 36 Benetton Fonua (Jr.)
Inside Linebacker 2 Jerrol Garcia-Williams (Jr.) 28 Julian Gener (Jr.)
Cornerback 1 Ne'Quan Phillips (Jr.) 6 Barry Higdon (Fr.)
Safety 10 Marrell Jackson (Jr.) 13 Keelan Ewaliko (Fr.)
Safety 39 Trayvon Henderson (So.) 46 Michael Martin (Sr.)
Cornerback 23 Dee Maggitt (Sr.) 25

Anthony Pierce (So.)


Position No. 1st string No. 2nd string
Kicker 27 Tyler Hadden (Sr.) 36 Ceejay Santos (Jr.)
Punter 29 Scott Harding (Sr.) 48 Ruben Guzman (Sr.)
Kick Returner 22 Diocemy Saint Juste (So.) 5 Quinton Pendroza (Jr.)
Punt Returner 29 Scott Harding (Sr.) 5 Quinton Pendroza (Jr.)
Long Snapper 31 Kawika Borden (Sr.) 62 Brodie Nakama (So.)
Short Snapper 62 Brodie Nakama (So.) 31 Kawika Borden (Sr.)