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National signing day Twitter list for Mountain West schools

There are a ton of good resources to find breaking news on national signing day, so we helped ease that process by giving you the prominent Twitter feeds to follow throughout the day.

Ethan Miller

2014 national signing day is just around the corner, Wednesday to be accurate. Finding information on breaking news or once the outdated fax has been received can be difficult to hunt down. However, we are going to make that easier for everyone to track down the best follows on Twitter within the Mountain West.

First off, here is our complete signing day coverage which will have updates throughout the day, but they likely will not be instant as something posted on Twitter. Some of these are reporters who will have the breaking news and others are school accounts that likely announce when the faxes come in.

If we missed anyone please let us know in the comments.

For starters you should follow these people on our staff.


Air Force

The Falcons are tricky since the school doesn't announce cadets until they get on campus, so information on future football players are tough to come by.

Boise State

Colorado State


Fresno State


New Mexico

San Diego State

San Jose State


Utah State