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Mountain West basketball transfer list

What players are leaving their Mountain West school, and who is entering.

NCAA Basketball: New Mexico at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

This is a running list of players who have transferred from their Mountain West team, and also those who are transferring in. This will be updated with new info, and if we missed anyone let us know in the comments.

Transferring out

New Mexico

Sam Logwood, F, Junior Remaining at New Mexico

Elijah Brown, G, Grad transfer

Jalen Harris, G, Freshman

Anthony Mathis, G, Sophomore

Xavier Adams, G, Junior


Jalen Poyser, G, Sophomore

Troy Baxter, F, Freshman

Zion Morgan, G, Freshman

Utah State

Ngor Barnaba, F, Junior

Boise State

Cameron Oluyitan, G, Sophomore

Colorado State

Braden Koelliker, F, Sophomore


Devearl Ramsey, G, Freshman


Jeremy Lieberman, G, Junior

Jonathan Barnes, F, Junior

San Diego State

Zylan Cheatham, F, Junior

San Jose State

Cody Swartz, F, Sophomore — heading to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Transferring in

Boise State

Tom Wilson, G, Freshman, previously SMU, ended up leaving the program to pursue a basketball career in Australia.

Christian Sengfelder, F, Grad Transfer, previously Fordham

Utah State

Carson Shanks, C, Grad Transfer, previously North Dakota and Utah State (immediately eligible)

Fresno State

New Williams, G, Auburn, sophomore

Ray Bowles, G, Pacific, grad transfer

Colorado State

Kris Martin, G, Oral Roberts, sophomore

Deion James, F, Pima Community College, sophomore


Marquez Letcher-Ellis, F, Rice, sophomore

Tre’Shawn Thurman, F, Omaha-Nebraska, senior

Nisre Zouzoua, G, Bryant, sophomore

Jazz Johnson, G, Portland, sophomore

New Mexico

Antino Jackson, F, Akron, grad transfer

Chris McNeal, G, Western Kentucky/Indian Hills CC, junior