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2017 Mountain West touranment: Wyoming opens against Air Force

A revitalized Cowboys team looks to make a deep run in the tournament

NCAA Basketball: San Jose State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last month, Wyoming has appeared to get their game together.

I’m being serious. Ignore the fact that they’ve lost four of those six games that they’ve played since the 4 OT game. Take a look at who they’ve played.

Utah State, Colorado State, Boise State, New Mexico, Colorado State, San Jose State.

The meat of that schedule is probably one of the hardest stretches Wyoming has had this season, they performed pretty darn well.

The losses only came by an average margin of 4.5 points. This team is on the cusp, able to take each of these very good teams down to the wire.

But we’re not here to talk about those games. It’s tournament season, baby!!!

Wyoming’s playing Air Force in the first round. Air Force wasn’t very good during the regular season, going 11-20 overall and 4-14 in conference. They’re a pretty meh team when taking a brief look at their stats. Their most prolific scorer only averaged 12.3 ppg, but as a team, they ranked sixth in the conference in scoring.

Unfortunately for them, their opponent ranks second in scoring.

Like I said earlier, Wyoming seems to have figured things out. They’re starting to play for 40 minutes more often than they are for 20. Coach Allen Edwards has slowly begun to start Hayden Dalton over Jordan Naughton (finally), and hopefully Sixth Man of the Year Justin James works his way into the starting lineup once or twice.

I don’t want to make any hard and fast predictions because, as we all know, this season has been pretty wild.

That being said, I expect Wyoming to play Colorado State again this week.

Pokes by ten.

See you next time.

You can also stream the game right here: