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Wall Street Journal values UNLV basketball as a top-50 program

The Wall Street Journal values every college basketball team and the Mountain West has seven teams in the top-100.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

UNLV basketball has not had the success they have been expecting to go along with their nationally ranked recruiting classes, and they now have a new head coach in Chris Beard. Despite the issues for the past few years with success the Rebel basketball program is still the most valuable in the Mountain West, and a top 50 team overall.

The Wall Street Journal put together their valuation from the 2015 year and the Rebels increased in value by $6.5 million from the year prior. While the success on the court has some to do with on the court success but usually it is the brand name and that is a big reason they are so valuable at No. 46.

There are six other Mountain West teams in the top-100 with San Diego State coming in next at 77 and then New Mexico at 82, both make sense to be ranked next. Seeing Nevada in the top-100 is very surprising since their basketball history is not that great, but seeing them a few spots ahead of Boise State is interesting since the Broncos have had a very good run over the past few years with multiple NCAA tournament bids.

Utah State made a huge increase of value at over 50 percent, but that only got them just outside the top 100. Then there is San Jose State who took a huge dive but that is to be expected as their on the court success has been poor since joining the the Mountain West and they also had a postseason ban due to poor APR score.