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Mountain West basketball open thread

There are just four weeks from Selection Sunday, so the games have even more pressure as teams jockey for seeding in the conference tournament.

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There is a full slate of five Mountain West basketball games today and we get to see how a few teams react after this last weeks results. San Diego State suffered its first conference loss of the year, but are securely in first place, and Boise State is coming off a crazy ending where they lost to Colorado State which included a botched call that more than likely should have rewarded the Broncos with a win.

Will Fresno State build off its win over San Diego State as they host Nevada, and then there is Colorado State taking on UNLV for seeding and hopefully to avoid playing in the opening round of the Mountain West tournament.

For those new to the site, this is a live chat to talk about the Mountain West games, plus the others. One must register to comment on the site and you can create an account HERE, and you can sign up with your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google+ log in details. So there is no excuse for not signing up and leaving your thoughts.

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Here is Saturday's schedule:

Saturday (2/13)

Boise State v. Wyoming

4:00 PM ET


New Mexico v. San Jose State

6:00 PM ET


Nevada v. Fresno State

7:00 PM ET

Mountain West Network

UNLV v. Colorado State

10:00 PM ET


San Diego State v. Air Force

10:00 PM ET