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Mountain West say officials made the right call

The Mountain West released another statement with a video saying they made the right call at the end of the Boise State vs. Colorado State game.

The call to waive off James Webb III game-winning shot was the right call, according to the Mountain West. Boise State had the ball with .8 seconds and Webb made a falling away bank shot for what looked to be the win, but the clock because the clock did not start on time and officials huddled and said more than a full second went off and sending the game to overtime.

The conference sent out a release, with video, about going over the play saying that they reviewed it thoroughly enough to back the officials.

The video the officials used is within this post and with a stopwatch overlaying but that does not seem to be correct either as the speeds do not match up.

Here is the official statement from the Mountain West:

"The Mountain West Coordinator of Officials, the NCAA National Coordinator of Officials, the NCAA Secretary-Rules Editor and the MW Conference office have reviewed the play extensively and consulted on the administration of the video review. It has been determined the game officials executed the appropriate protocol and made the correct call.

"It is standard procedure to review potential game-ending baskets and the game officials came to their determination utilizing the official video and embedded clock technology within the approved multi-camera capture instant replay system. ... It is clear 1.2 to 1.3 seconds elapsed from the time the player touched the ball to the time the shot was released, and that the game clock did not start for several tenths of a second after the initial touch.

"Thus, the basket did not count – regardless of what was ultimately reflected on the game clock or what other unofficial video replays may appear to indicate. Finally, some question has been raised regarding the preceding play, where Colorado State turned the ball over.

"The Mountain West has also reviewed that play utilizing the official replay system and determined the clock stopped correctly at 0.8 second(s) once the official blew his whistle for the backcourt violation. His whistle stopped the clock automatically via the Precision Timing System at that instant."

However, there is this screen capture of said video with the times not matching up. Plus, the video overall was not all that clear to decipher and took multiple viewings to get a grasp since it is all in slow motion.

There is also this video of side-by-side of Derek Fisher's famous .4 second shot that looks pretty similar to Webb's.

Boise State shot vs Fisher's shot

Boise State's 0.8 shot (No Good) vs Derek Fishers 0.4 shot side by side (Good). Real Time.

Posted by Bronco Nation News on Thursday, February 11, 2016

The result is not going to change and the additional response is much appreciated but things do not add up.

Colorado State won the game over Boise State in double overtime, 97-93.