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Wyoming look to pick up win vs. UNLV

The Very Good Cowboys take on the Not-So-Good Rebels

Al Herndon attempts a free throw against Air Force
Dan Cepeda, Casper Star-Tribune

You guys are so lucky.

Not only do we get to watch two (2) good Wyoming Cowboys athletic teams, you get two (2) mailbags in a week.

It took a lot of effort, but I managed to get some questions to answer.

Let’s get into it.

The Cowboys are playing in Vegas again?


In case you weren’t aware, UW just wrapped up the Continental Tire Las Vegas Classic. They played two games and went 1-1 (probably should’ve beaten USC but whatever).

And, obviously, the MWC Tournament is held there.

Now, for some reason, UNLV has Wyoming’s number. Wyoming is 3-25 against UNLV all-time and hasn’t beaten them in Vegas since 2003.’s the game going to go?

Clearly history isn’t on the Cowboys’ side, but they’re a really good basketball team.

ESPN’s RPI (which ranks teams based on wins/losses and strength of record/schedule, among other things) has Wyoming ranked as the second best team in the conference behind Nevada. UNLV, for comparison’s sake, is dead last.

Wyoming doesn’t have a stellar record in true road games either, beating Montana and losing to Pacific and California.

You, uh, you didn’t really answer my question.

I’m getting there. Calm down.

Now, the Runnin’ Rebels aren’t a very good team (sorry, Rebels fans). They have an average offense and a below average defense, making them a pretty average team.

Wyoming has one of, if not the best offense in the conference. They’re not as good on defense, but the scoring makes up for it.

Here’s the biggest thing that I’m looking at: Wyoming has had a pretty decent schedule so far, and they’ve rocked it. UNLV has had a pretty not-decent schedule and are .500.

So yeah. Fill in the blanks.

But UNLV played Duke, TCU, Oregon, and Kansas! Take that into account!

Yeah, UNLV has played some good teams! They’ve also been destroyed by every single one of those teams, losing by an average of nearly 23 (!) points. Not Good, folks.

Is Wyoming going to win?

I’d expect to see Wyoming get their first win at UNLV since 2003.

See you next time.

Go Pokes.