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UNLV vs. Wyoming Recap: Rebels Fall to 0-3 in Conference

The Runnin' Rebels have now lost every game in conference play thus far. Coach Dave Rice is under the critical microscope of UNLV fans around the country.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The proverbial pitch forks are out among UNLV basketball fans.  They are pointing straight toward Coach Dave Rice.  If you have been keeping up with fan message boards in the last week - as I do - you would already be aware of this.  After Saturday's loss against Wyoming Saturday night, the mob grows louder.

Wyoming came out flat in the beginning of the first half, and it seemed like the Rebel fans didn't need another reason to vent their frustration as their basketball team gained a 17 point lead.

But, little by little, their lead was swept away.  It wasn't the Cowboys' star guard, Josh Adams who did it, but it would be the lights out 3 point shooting of James McMannamen who went 5 of 7.  And by the second half, the Wyoming fans (and their players) seemed to take control of the momentum.

This match up was stagnant with minimal offensive efficiency on either end.  However, the pace played perfectly into the Cowboys' hands, and the Rebels were stunned yet again.  Another winnable match-up with an average Mountain West squad ends in a loss.

But, this one may have stung the most.  It's the third loss in a row.  It means the Rebs have now gone 0-3 in conference play.  Their road problems continue.  Their turnover issues are blatant.  And their body language does not exactly portray swagger.

Once again, Patrick McCaw seems out of sorts, but the team as a whole appears to be making some questionable decisions during critical game moments.  To many Rebel fans, this comes down to coaching.  Don't believe that statement?  Well then, just start checking out some message boards.