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Mountain West announces new in-season tournament in Cayman Islands to begin in November 2017

Who wants to go to the Cayman Islands in November for a basketball tournament?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of in-season basketball tournaments during the start of the college basketball season in November. The tournaments are a great way to test and evaluate one's team early on in the year in a setting where there are consecutive days of games.

The latest incarnation of a tournament will take place in the Cayman Islands as Global Sports Management has partnered with Caymax Sports LTD. The Mountain West is also a part of this new eight-team tournament and will send a team to the tournament each year.

"The Mountain West is thrilled to partner with Global Sports Management and (tournament director) Maury Hanks to develop a new and exciting NCAA Division I men's basketball exempt event in the Cayman Islands starting in 2017," Mountain West senior associate commissioner Dan Butterly said in a press release.

"With a new arena and the tremendous hospitality of the Cayman Islands, we are excited to have a Mountain West team guaranteed a slot in this annual event."

This is a big deal for the Mountain West to be part of a brand new tournament. The clear idea is to have this tournament filled with very good teams to boost the RPI of the team that gets the chance to play in this tournament. Strength of schedule is an area where the conference has taken some flack and it has directly led to teams missing out on the NCAA Tournament -- just look at Colorado State from this past year.

This new tournament will go along the conference-wide challenge against the Missouri Valley Conference in a way to boost those schedules.