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2013 Mountain West basketball tournament: Seeds up for grabs on final weekend

The Mountain West hoops final weekend is here, and there are plenty of seeds up for grabs.


The Mountain West final weekend is here, and there is still plenty to play for in terms of seeding for the conference tournament. Heading into Saturday, New Mexico has locked down the No. 1 seed, Air Force is the six-seed and Boise State and San Diego State are going to be fourth or fifth seed regardless of their outcome against each other on Saturday, and will meet again in the quarterfinal round.

Boise State needs to win to likely cement their at-large NCAA tournament chances, but for the conference tournament the winner will get to wear their home uniforms next week in Las Vegas.

That leaves the important two and three seeds up for grabs, which is between Colorado State and UNLV. This is a big deal because whoever gets the No. 2 seed will have a much easier time going up against either Wyoming, Fresno State or Nevada. While the third seed has to play a much tougher Air Force team, a game that should still be a win, but much more difficult.

With UNLV playing on their home court, opposing teams would love to avoid them until the finals.

The Rebels are undefeated in conference play this year at home, and defeated New Mexico by nine points. So, New Mexico would rather have Colorado State get the second seed, and avoid UNLV until Saturday's title game, if they make it that far.

UNLV will get the second seed if they can get past Fresno State at home, or if they lose and so does Colorado State. The Rams claim the No. 2 spot by winning and UNLV losing, but odds favor UNLV getting that second seed.

Here is Saturday's schedule:

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