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PODCAST: 2013 Mountain West tournament preview

Our 90-plus minute podcast featured six guests discussing the Mountain West tournament.


The 2013 Mountain West tournament begins on Wednesday, so in preparation for that we had a 90-minute plus podcast with guests from Air Force, Boise State, New Mexico, UNLV and San Diego State. It was a great show with a ton of content that should let everyone be prepared for the tournament, and then some.

Here is the guest list of who we had on:

This is probably the most fun we had on the show in a very long time. The guests were great, so please follow the links to either their website or twitter to read up on more of their content.

You can listen the show below, over at TalkShoe or Stitcher Radio. The timeframe says 120 minutes, but it just over 90. I didn't dare terminate the record early, because it would suck if I lost it.