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Mountain West basketball open thread

There are two big games in the Mountain West on Wednesday night: UNLV at Air Force and San Diego State at Colorado State

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

This Wednesday night there are four Mountain West games, and as always road teams need to be on their best game. The two big games tonight are UNLV at Air Force and then San Diego State against Colorado State.

UNLV already has road loses to Fresno State and Boise State, however Air Force has one of the better home court advantages and will give UNLV a run for their money.

The other big time game has Colorado State riding a 26-game winning streak on the line against San Diego State. Not only does Colorado State have an extended winning streak, they are ranked for the first time in 59 years.

Next Game

Now time for some predictions.

UNLV at Air Force: Going with Air Force upsetting defending their home court over UNLV, and getting back into the NCAA tournament discussion.

Nevada at Wyoming: This game does not really matter, however lets go with Wyoming winning at home and staying on track for a NIT berth.

New Mexico at Fresno State: Lobos will rebound after losing to UNLV last week and ger the win.

San Diego State at Colorado State: This is tough, but lets go with the hot team at home and go with the Rams getting a big win in front of the 'Orange out' crowd.

Chime in below with your predictions of these games, and discuss the games as they are in progress on Wednesday night.