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Western Mid Major Blog Competition: THE BIG MOUNTAIN SKY CHALLENGE

With the college basketball season upon us, Mountain West Connection accepted a challenge to participate in a non-conference blog bet.

So I challenged Jeremy and Jonathan of Big Sky Basketball to a blog bet. Here are the rules:

1. The teams from the Big Sky, Mountain West and Big West Conferences all have many non-conference matches versus each other. Therefore the blogs will track wins and losses of the conferences as a whole.

2. The conference blog at the end of non-conference play with the best win percentage gets to post on the loser conferences blogs. This post can be anything "winner's conference" related and is encouraged to be overly boasting.

3. There will be a weekly post updating the challenge.

A final note is that Hawaii counts as Big West in this competition (but you already should've known that). Utah State and San Jose State do not count towards the Mountain West, unless the other two blogs say it is okay. There will be an update on that.

The first game is tonight as Montana takes on Colorado State.

The rest of this weekend hosts one more game as UCI travels to Nevada to take on the Wolf Pack.

Get ready, college basketball just became more fun.