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San Diego State eliminated by Long Beach State

Aztecs Season Ended as they lose to the 49ers

The San Diego State baseball team nearly made it all the way to the finals as they rose from the losers bracket to confront the team that had put them there in the first place. It was not to be the Aztecs year to move on to a super regional as they lost 7-4 to Long Beach State which moves on to a super regional.

The extra-base hit had pretty much eluded the Aztecs in the games they played in Long Beach. They had one double in the previous games but had a first inning two-run home run from Danny Sheehan to give the Aztecs a brief 2-0 lead. They could have used some of what Tyler Adkison had provided most of the year; pop. He was pretty much held in check in all the games. The Dirtbags tied it in the top of the second and went ahead 5-2 by the fourth inning and were never headed.

The top three in the Dirtbag lineup were responsible for seven of the 13 hits and I think that was the reason they won. Keep the top of the lineup off the bases and your chances vastly improve. It didn't happen here.I also believe a pitching staff that had run out of gas was a culprit. That, in itself, is the big difference between the mid-major and a big boy; depth.

San Diego State can take this home with them. They were there and probably expect to be there next year also. Let's all hope that the Mountain West improves to a point where two teams are chosen. And, how about those Wildcats of Davidson!!! Only three players on scholarship take out the #2 team in the nation on their home field. I think they are the official Cinderella for this year. May they win it all.