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The CWS Getting Close to Final Two Teams

Arizona, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Coastal Carolina are the last four standing as they decide which two will play for the national championship. I love it when four teams are in that few would have expected to make it this far. Is there a MWC connection here? You bet! Arizona's coach is the one and done guy that was the coach for Nevada a year ago. That's right, one year.

Coastal Carolina celebrating some runs scored Friday.
Coastal Carolina celebrating some runs scored Friday.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Comments on CWS

Only one mid-major remains in the CWS and that's Coastal Carolina. They have a chance to make it to the championship round but it will be difficult as all the games now are. Let's hope they do it.

Interesting state of affairs in Omaha, if you ask me. Both Florida and Miami have been eliminated. Two ways you can look at that. One is; two big boys are gone. Two is; two big boys were there and had their chances but failed to take advantage. Oh, the talk could go on. Think of all the high school AA's on either team. Think of the D1 AA's on either team. For instance, Louisville had five D1 AAs, depending on the list you peruse, and they didn't make it out of their super regional. Miami was defeated in Bracket One elimination round by UC Santa Barbara 5-3 and that is a beautiful thing. A west coast (can't get more west coast than Santa Barbara now, can we?) mid-major takes out a big boy. Just think, it could have been a MWC team. UCSB has since been eliminated by Arizona so a west team moves on to face Oklahoma State to see which team makes it to the championship round. I'm thinking Oklahoma State is looking pretty good as they have two 1-0 victories at the CWS and one of them was over Arizona.

Bracket two also had some interesting results. Coastal Carolina is in the final round of that bracket and will face TCU. I used to consider TCU a mid-major and I still don't know why I did that. That are a big boy in a big boy conference. Anyway, if you're anything like me, pull for Coastal Carolina. They are no slouches, by the way, as they were ranked #17 when I last looked.

Oh, the rankings. No team in the top 10 is left. The four left are a mixed bag. OSU is unranked. TCU is #13 and they are good. Arizona is also unranked. Coastal Carolina is #17 as previously stated. Coastal Carolina will be facing TCU in the finals of Bracket Two so at least one ranked team will make it to the championship round. Just the opposite can be said about Bracket One; both teams are unranked. So an unranked team will make it to the championship round as well as a ranked team. This just doesn't have the buzz as the number one and two ranked teams in the nation playing for all the marbles.

What does this say about rankings, seedings, and bids? Did the ACC really deserve all 10 of the bids that it received? I think not. How about the SEC and the six it received? Six bids? Um, maybe. This is all my opinion, remember. Bracket One had only one ranked team in Miami. Bracket Two had three ranked teams. That means, friends and neighbors, that of the eight teams participating in the CWS, half were unranked. I love it.

It's Saturday morning as I write this sentence and I've read in the sports section that both Arizona and Coastal Carolina won their games Friday. Arizona started hitting and CC beat a team that had previously won a game between the two (TCU).