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San Diego State tops San Jose State with walk-off grand slam

San Diego State's Justin Wylie hit a walk-off grand slam to give the Aztecs a 7-3 win over San Jose State.

The Mountain West tournament got off to an exciting start in the opening round elimination game between San Diego State and San Jose State. For most of the game it was a low scoring affair through most of the game.

The Spartans got on the board early with a run in the third and the fifth innings, but then the Aztecs tied it up in the bottom of the seventh when Jordan Verdon had an RBI double and that was followed up by a Verdon scoring the tying run with Dean Nevarez knocked him in.

Heading into the bottom of the bottom of the ninth the Spartans held a 3-2 lead with a home run in the eighth inning, but then the Aztecs bats came alive and tied the game when Verdon had another big with with a double to center field.

The Spartans decided to intentionally walk Nevarez to put runners on first and second and then there was a balk by San Jose State and then another intentional walk to load the bases hoping to send the game into extra innings with one out.

Then on a three and one count, Justin Wylie hit a walk-off grand slam to give the Aztecs the 7-3 to three win.

With the win, San Diego State stays in the tournament by eliminating San Jose State and they play again tonight at 7 p.m. MT against New Mexico.

Here is Wylie discussing his clutch hit in his post-game interview.