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UNLV announces plans for new baseball facility

The newly released plans for UNLV's new baseball complex is set to be completed by 2016.

UNLV announced on Monday Morning that construction is being planned for the new Anthony and Lyndy Marnell III Baseball Clubhouse next to the Lied Athletic Complex. The construction work is underway with completion expected in Spring of 2016.

The funding of the complex was a joint effort between the university and donor Anthony Marnell III. The building is expected to cost $2.75 million which is all publicly funded, with the school paying an estimated $750,000 for project related costs such as leveling some ground for the foundation, setting up utilities and widening the road for easy access.

UNLV baseball coach Tim Chambers had long hoped to add a baseball specific building similar to what the basketball team has which covers every on-campus feature a Rebel baseball player would need. UNLV had been slowly working on financing the new complex when Marnell, who is president and minority owner of M Resort, came in and sped up the fundraising.

The new clubhouse will be a two-unlstory building that cover 10,000 square feet. The first floor will include a players lounge, academic area, training rooms and a team locker room. The second floor will have batting cages, a weight room and a patio area that overlooks the field.

UNLV Atheltic Director Tina Kunzer-Murphy said the the university will continue the fundraising of the complex which may include offering naming rights to the various areas of the new building with the hope of covering any future costs. Marnell hopes that the new complex brings the school "many years of success" and hopes it turns the young men into "wonderful members of society". 

University president Len Jessup stated that the facility is a "great example of the kind of partnership we need at UNLV". Jessup also said that "This is Anthony and Lyndy and their family stepping in to help us take this baseball program to the next level," he also said that, "we're going to need that kind of support for everything that we're doing at UNLV."