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Mid-Major top 10: Fresno State tops our initial poll

The Mid-Major top 10 poll is now a thing, and here is our initial ballot.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Normally we would have our individual ballot up before the final results, but this was the first week of the poll, so things were a little hectic. Our poll has the two obvious teams at the top in Fresno State and Northern Illinois, and then we went with Boise State followed by BYU.

I am shocked that Boise State ended up No. 5 in the final poll behind and East Carolina, but that might have to do with the Broncos already has two losses. The others also are not as high as BYU, and I know that makes some people happy, but they easily got through Utah State's defense.

My vote for Utah State this week is pretty much a token vote for what they have done all year, so next week they will be looked at more objectively.

Rank Team Record Points Previous
1 Fresno State 5-0 (2-0 MWC) 10 N/A
2 Northern Illinois 5-0 (1-0 MAC) 9 N/A
3 Boise State 3-2 (1-1 MWC) 8 N/A
4 BYU 3-2 (IND) 7 N/A
5 East Carolina 4-1 (2-0 CUSA) 6 N/A
6 Ball State 5-1 (2-0 MAC) 5 N/A
7 Bowling Green 5-1 (3-0 MAC) 4 N/A
8 Wyoming 3-2 (1-0 MWC) 3 N/A
9 Western Kentucky 4-2 (2-0 Sun Belt) 2 N/A
10 Utah State 3-3 (2-0 MWC) 1 N/A