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Week 4 Mountain West power rankings: Fresno State, Utah State out in front

This week's power poll had 16 writers who took part this week, but the top two teams in each division remain the same.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

The latest edition of the Mountain West power poll is out and the top on each division is the same with Fresno State earning 15 of the 16 first-place votes in the West Division, and in the Mountain Division Utah State still leads Boise State 12 first-place to four.

The big game this week that will have an impact on the polls will be the Boise State vs. Fresno State matchup on Friday night. Fresno State already has all but one first-place vote, but if Boise State can get the win they should be able to snag a few first-place votes away from Utah State, even if the Aggies win over USC.

Well here are the results and any first place vote is in parenthesis. Also, votes were counted by first place getting six points, second place five points and so on until sixth place gets a single point.

Here s the Week 4 power poll:

Mountain West
1. Utah State 92 (12) 1. Fresno State 95 (15)
2. Boise State 83 (4) 2. San Jose State 81 (1)
3. Wyoming 65 3. Nevada 57
4. Air Force 45 4. Hawaii 34
5. Colorado State 35 4. UNLV 34
6. New Mexico 23 6. San Diego State 31

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