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PODCAST: Week 4 Mountain West football preview

Chris and Jeremy take a look at Week 4 of the Mountain West slate.

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UPDATE: This was recorded before the news came out about San Jose State being without Noel Grigsby.

The Week 4 preview of the Mountain West Connection podcast is coming a bit late, but in enough time before Friday night's big showdown between Fresno State and Boise State. We get into USC vs. Utah State which is the other big game on the league's slate, in fact most of the games are pretty good this weekend. Best of all the games are not hard to find to watch, unlike last week.

Sit back and listen as we ramble on for an hour about this week's Mountain West games.

Here are your many ways to listen to the show: Obviously listen below, over at Sound Cloud, Stitcher Radio and also iTunes.

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